SUPERFOLD Travel Pack - World Metro Scan(Small)

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SKU: BXF76448-16

BLIND x FX CREATIONS SUPERFOLD Travel Pack - World Metro Scan

Forget bulky maps and guidebooks - our travel pack fits right in your pocket. Just twist, fold, and pack your way to a hassle-free journey.

Adorned with QR codes the hottest attractions. Just a scan away from viewing the Instagram hashtag of your next destination. 

So, why wait? Grab one to explore the world like never before!


- Ultra-portable - Just twist and fold into a circle

- Fun exploration - Scan QR code to reach Instagram Hashtag, explore beautiful pictures from people around the world

- Extra light weight

- Large capacity - Fits everything you need for a day trip

- Zipper compartment x2

Size: 33x21x12 cm

Weight: 0.15kg

Volume: 9L