EVA Large Mouse Pad

$288.74 $241.91

Unleash your inner otaku with our EVA Unit-01 mouse pad!

With a sleek design and smooth surface, this mouse pad is perfect for avid gamers and anime lovers alike!

Product Features:
- Crafted from high-density fine-weave fabric, this desk mat not only protects your tabletop but is also soft and durable.
- The base is reinforced with eco-friendly rubber material that is tough and unlikely to break, providing a clear texture for enhanced anti-slip properties, ensuring the desk surface stays tidy.
- A simple addition that beautifies your desk space, making studying and working processes smoother.

Product Information:
Dimensions: 400mm (Height) x 900mm (Length)
Materials: High-density fine-weave fabric, eco-friendly rubber
Design: Features an EVA character pattern with classic color schemes to enliven and add interest to your desk space without being monotonous.