Kamen Rider Black RX AGS Pro Suspension Backpack

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SKU: KMR76324AGS-01

The Kamen Rider Black x FX Creations collaboration spotlights the three iconic characters – Black, Black RX & Shadow Moon, which arrives in backpacks, crossbody bags, water bottles and cardcases.  

This backpack offers an aesthetic inspired by bold color and imagery, creating a sense of immense power.

Through signature, personalised graphic logos, it demonstrates that there’s only ever one hero.


‧Main zipper compartment x1
‧17-inch laptop compartment, 15-inch tablet compartment
‧AGS Pro Suspension System - A stainless spring rebound core, which absorbs downward impact and creates upward rebound force. Protecting your muscle and spine.

‧EVA back pad - Ergonomically-designed EVA material back pad, providing premium protection and comfort.
Top zipper compartment x1
Water bottle compartment x2
Adjustable chest buckle
Water-repellent material
Size: 29.5W x 49.5H x 17.5D cm / 25.6L

Weight: 1.1kg

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Quality Aesthetics

Design and quality are top notch, the moment you hold it, it becomes apparent. On top of which, it's very comfy, I didn't have to adjust much, if anything, and I'm a bigger individual (190cm, 108kgs). Although the compartment is small, it's perfect for light carry. Would definitely recommend!
And of course, it goes without saying, it's design being based off one of the best Kamen Riders, bumps it up another notch!

Loong Xian

Love the design.the design and usability is well thought of. but sadly it isnt big enough