Caja para Tarjetas RFID de la Unidad-02 de Evangelion

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Demuestra tu aprecio por Evangelion, esta caja para tarjetas RFID de la Unidad-02 de EVA está hecha con metal resistente, protege tus datos personales con protección RFID. Es un accesorio perfecto para la colección de un fan de EVA.

Características del producto:

- Protección RFID para evitar que se roben la información de tarjetas de crédito y pasaportes

- Puede contener al menos 15 tarjetas en su interior.

Material: Metal

Tamaño: 8.6W x 5.4H x 0.8H cm

Peso: 0.2kg
Reviews for "Caja para Tarjetas RFID de la Unidad-02 de Evangelion"

Customer Reviews

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Tyler Young
Great quality

Perfect size, easy to get cards in and out, great color and print

Juan Canizales
Excelent product

Really good, it was what i expected, it scratches easily do


Evangelion Unit-02 RFID Card Case

Nico Voß
Neat Case

It is much lighter to carry around than my old wallet, mostly cause of no pocket change, and it fits my 6 cards nicely. You can put some bills under the clip as well, which sadly covers the Nerv logo, but hey. Compromises.

I have had it for about two weeks now and the paint is holding up quite well. I wouldn't put it in one pocket with my keys though, the paintjob may take scratches. (I think I goofed up once)

The Cards fit perfectly and handly decently well when taking them out, though you should put the two most used one on the sides. You may also wanna practice sliding them back in a couple times before embarrasing yourself in public. As the whole case is really sturdy and high quality, my only longterm concerns are the paintjob on the front and how the "stretch-bands" will hold up.

Overall, I am very happy with it and hope it will stay with me for a long while.

ebony elston

Evangelion Unit-02 RFID Card Case